Eremon Health Club Champions

Every few weeks I hold health club meetings at the three JSS schools in Eremon.  They have each had four lessons so far, and I thought it would be a good time to put what they have learned to the test.  This week I put together the first inter-school health competition in Eremon!  Each club put forward 20 members to compete in 5 different areas.  The activities were as follows:

1)   Hand washing relay race: A team of four from each school participated in a relay race in which students must wash their hands before or after doing certain activities.  The first leg was from the starting line to a table of snacks, which they ate after washing.  The second leg involved students running with a broom, sweeping the dirt aside and then washing their hands.  The third leg went around the school urinals, requiring the runners to wash their hands after passing them. Finally, the last leg required the students to wash their hands before crossing the finish line to represent “after play” hand washing.

2)   Mosquito net hanging: Four members from each school were given a mosquito net, rope, and scissors and were told to correctly hang the net as quickly as possible.

3)   Nutrition Sorting: Cards with pictures of different types of foods were given to four members from each club to be sorted into Go, Grow, and Glow foods as quickly as possible (Carbs, Protein, and Vegetable/Fruit foods)

4)   Drama: Each club put on a short skit about one of the topics discussed in our lessons. In the picture below, the boy in front is pretending to be a mosquito biting the family who does not sleep under a bed net.

5)   Jeopardy: A group of eight members from each club played a game of jeopardy, answering questions for points.

Sarah and Janette came to judge and I gave out candies and bars of soap to each of the participating students.  The winning team won the honor of hanging the lovely prize below in their school until the next competition, during which they will have to defend their title to keep the flag.  As you can see, they took their victory quite seriously.

The health competition was an amazing success! The kids were engaged and motivated to learn the information and put their skills to practice.  I’ve already been asked when the next one will be held…I think a real rivalry has been started.