New Year, New Toilet

The New Year is here, along with the $6,242 we raised for the latrine project!  Thank you again to everyone who donated! There really could not be a better start to 2013.  Celebration in Eremon was limited to church going and local “jams,” which I was unfortunately too sick to take part in (referring to the latter and not the former).  However, the music was loud enough for me to host a dance party in my own room, had I wished to do so.  I once asked someone why the music is always so loud and learned that it is, in fact, rude not to invite others to celebrate with you by allowing their ears to also hear your music. Brilliant.

Schools have been out and everyone has been busy during the holiday season, so things have been pretty quiet here.  I have been going stir-crazy, planning school health lessons weeks in advance and formulating projects for the future.  I even painted a hand washing mural at one of the schools. I am also trying to organize a Community HIV Awareness Day this month, where my HIV Club will come and do education and activities with spectators.  The hope is that it will take place during the week when my mom is visiting Eremon, so she can meet the students and see some of the work I am doing.

I also recently started conducting pit inspections, which have to be done before we move to the next step of the latrine building process.

Pit Inspection

So far, people have been really great about digging.  We do have a few cases where the soil is a bit rocky, though, so some households definitely have a more difficult task than others.  They’ll get it done, even if I have to get in there with a pick axe myself.

For your viewing pleasure today, please see the youtube video below as an extension of my last blog post.  Just a warning, I am really dancing hard in this video. Flashmob Video