Eremon Health Champions Round 2

On May 31st, the three JSS Health Clubs in Eremon gathered together for the second inter-school health competition in the village.  As a continuation of the last year’s competition, twenty students from each school (Tangzu, D/A, and Dazuuri) showed their skills in different areas of expertise.  This time, activities were based around lessons taught on sexual and reproductive health, including topics such as reproductive anatomy, teenage pregnancy, family planning, STIs, and HIV.

It began with four students from each school racing to label diagrams of male and female reproductive anatomy.  While making copies of these pictures in Lawra, I was swarmed by people curious about why I needed copies of a penis.  I actually ended up teaching six adults about male anatomy while my copies were being made.Image

Competitors then moved outside for an HIV based game of tag.  One student from each school stood in the center with the goal of tagging runners from the other schools. Four runners from each school had to move between the bases of “A,” “B,” and “C” meant to represent three methods of HIV prevention (abstinence, being faithful, and condom use). If on base, the runners could not be tagged, but they were only allowed to stay there for five seconds at a time before being forced to run to a new base.  We had one bad fall, but it only resulted in a few scratches and no one threatened to sue.


The next event was the writing of instructions for condom use.  Two students from each school were expected to mention checking the expiration date, opening the wrapper with ones hands (not sharp objects), holding the tip of the condom before rolling it down, tying the condom after use, and disposing of it correctly.  A condom demonstration was done for all of the spectators to ensure comprehension. Unfortunately I was making the funny face you see below…


Groups of four students from each school then competed in the “Risk Game,” borrowed from the Journey of Hope kit.  Each group received a copy of the cards, which they were to divide into high, low, and no risk activities.  Examples included sharing of razors, sex with a condom, and shaking hands (high risk, low risk, and no risk respectively).


The last event was a game of jeopardy, with categories including reproductive anatomy, teenage pregnancy, family planning, STIs, and HIV.  Five students from each school formed a team to answer questions on different topics for points ranging from ten to fifty. With all of the points added up, Dazuuri came in first place with 370 points, Tangzu was second with 335 points, and D/A finished third with 170 points.


Dazuuri JSS is the newest school in Eremon, having been built two years ago. The student there have the most difficulty with English and general comprehension.  I found out that the health teacher I have been working with and a local nurse called the health club together the day before the competition for three hours to study.  I try not to be partial, but I am honestly thrilled that they won…they truly deserve it.

On a different note, I am picking Jared up at the airport tomorrow and we are headed to the coast for a few days!  Two things I haven’t seen since last year: my boyfriend and the beach.


3 thoughts on “Eremon Health Champions Round 2

  1. I loved your blog Leahy, and I love you. Have a wonderful time with Jared honey. See you in a few weeks… the USA!

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