Ghana According to Harrison

This post was written by Harrison and is a very thorough description of just about everything we did while he was here…

Sunday 8/11:

I had left all of my packing until Sunday when, in a mad rush, first thing in the morning, my Mom told me to pack everything I would need into my bag. What I needed consisted of seven shirts, seven shorts, seven pairs of boxers, three pairs of socks, a pair of jeans, my sneakers, and my flip-flops. That was about 25 lbs. of the total 150 lbs. of things that we brought with us in our checked bags. The rest of the weight was made up mostly of food flavoring packs, cookie dough powder packs, and pizza dough powder packs. Plus a 4-pound jar of jellybeans that Jared (Leahy’s boyfriend) was “happy to pay for”.


Monday 8/12:

I woke up like any morning: had breakfast while watching TV, then turning on my computer to watch YouTube for the last time before the trip. Our flight wasn’t until ten, but Leahy and my Mom decided there was a possibility that we could be stuck in security for about three hours, so we got to JFK at 5:30. Leahy and I made it through security in about 30 minutes and then we sat around for a bit then went to have dinner at an airport restaurant. I ended up getting a burger that was slightly underdone in places. Then we went back to waiting. Another couple hours we had our boarding passes stamped and were getting ready to get on the plane. Once on we proceeded to wait for another hour until the plane was finally allowed to take of. Then we sat for eleven hours in the plane, barely sleeping at all. I managed to take some pictures of the sun as it rose over the horizon.


Tuesday 8/13

When we landed Leahy had to do something, which, if you’re close to Leahy you can probably guess. She had to pee. After that we made it to our hotel. After walking around looking for a giraffe and a bracelet for my cousins Neal and Darien respectively we got some very spicy Pad Thai, watched some Parks and Recreation, then promptly went to sleep.

Wednesday 8/14:

We woke up, had egg sandwiches for breakfast then met up with another Peace Corps volunteer and walked around a very large market with an under ground section that definitely did not meet up to safety code. After, we got smoothies and slowly made our way to the bus station. On the bus we sat for hours just reading and listening to music. At about 11 they put on a movie called “Sheena” and another movie called “Escape from Sobibor.” During both movies a woman across the aisle gasped every time a soldier was assassinated and every time Sheena kicked a guy while swinging from a vine. We basically sat for 12 hours without sleeping and finally made it to Wa.

Thursday 8/15:

From there we had to take a tro to Eremon which was another 2 hours, and when we got there it was still mid day so we couldn’t go to sleep for many more hours.

Friday 8/16:

On Friday we went to Lawra were we had egg sandwiches, and then met a local missionary, Sue, for some spaghetti and meat sauce. Later we went to a local “spot” (bar) to meet Leahy’s friends, Habib and Gabriel, then had dinner at Habib’s house. The next morning we had egg sandwiches again, had lunch with Gabriel and Habib at Gabriel’s house. Afterward, we took a tro back to Eremon.

Saturday-Friday 8/17-23

The majority of this time consisted of us biking around the communities, checking up on the unfinished latrines and delivering photos to the finished latrines. In the evenings we watched more Parks and Rec and BBC Life. The most stressful thing that happened to Leahy during this time was when her hard drive stopped working and Jared had to google up how to fix it.

Saturday 8/24:

We took another overnight bus back to Accra, unfortunately they weren’t playing good movies, just some local shows that looked like they were directed, filmed, acted, and produced by 12 year olds.

Sunday 8/25:

We took a tro from from Accra to Cape Coast, and once there took a taxi to a “fancy” hotel called the Bridge House. Later in the day we went to the resort that our hotel was associated with, swam in the pool, and had linner (lunch and dinner).


Monday 8/26:

We went to a canopy walk called Kakum National Park that has rope bridges suspended over the jungle.


As we were walking I spotted monkeys in a tree in the distance. Luckily we had brought the long-range lens with us and managed to snap a few pictures. After, we went back to the pool for another few hours and then had dinner.


Tuesday 8/27:

We took a tro back to Accra today. We dropped our bags at the hotel and went to the Peace Corps office. Then we went back out for pizza and now I am currently writing this blog.

Wednesday 8/28:

Tomorrow I go back home. My flight leaves at 10 again, but we are getting there at 5. I am sure it will be difficult for Leahy, but I’m also sure that she can take care of herself and she’ll be fine for the last 7 months of her commitment.


Thank you for your time, and I bid you adieu

Harrison Winter


3 thoughts on “Ghana According to Harrison

  1. Dear Harrison,We love and enjoyed your post and blow by blow descriptions, as much as we love and enjoy Leahy’s posts!Much love,Grandma and Grandpa   

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