Peace Corps is Out for Summer

Yes, I know it has been a while, but that only means I have more to tell you. Here is a quick overview of my summer! Get ready for a bonanza of pictures.


GHANA! Days, Hours, Miles…that’s how long it took to check in on every latrine being built in Eremon. On our new bicycles, Lucy and Steve the Pirate, Jared and I trekked across the red African dirt to monitor the progress and success of the project. Everyone in the village was thrilled, though not as thrilled as I was, to see Jared back in town. Our goal was to evaluate the progress of each family’s latrine, mark the GPS location and take pictures of all the finished ones. It was successful but exhausting, and not without a number of obstacles in the road (literally, including a near collision with a cow). About one third of the houses were completely finished and most of the others have at least started to build.

Finished Latrine

In a wonderful coincidence, Sarah was back in town during that month to do work for ATE.


Breakfast at the tea shop, family dinners, and dancing at the house were regular events. We even held a one-year anniversary party for SNAP (Special Needs Awareness Program), during which the chief of Lawra district addressed the members of the group and we played games and did face painting.


After a month in Upper West, Jared and I headed down to Accra. We finally made it to the beach for a few days before flying home!




HOME! My month at home was a complete whirlwind of people and places. One month may seem like a long time, but not when you have to try to fit seeing just about everyone you know into that time (and eat every type of food you have been missing for the past year and a half). It started with a trip down to D.C. to see the oldest and bestest of friends, Rachel Brody.


The next week was spent in Armonk, acclimating myself with the changes made to the town while I was gone (a.k.a. the beer isle in the new supermarket).


We had a Winter/Hinrichs BBQ


and I was able to attend a birthday celebration for the a-maya-zing Maya Zung Maya

before heading to the Cape for family vacation.

Family Pic

We went boogie boarding, walked out onto the pier in Provincetown, and celebrated Dad’s birthday with some new records for his collection and homemade pad thai and ice cream sundaes.

Dad's Birthday

Jared and I stopped off in Boston for a night to catch up with some friends before almost missing the ferry to Cuttyhunk (my fault, but disaster averted).


That week was spent sleeping in, jogging, reading, relaxing, and going to the beach in one of the friendliest and most beautiful places I’ve ever been.


The biggest excitement was that I dropped my ice cream cone and got a new one for free…and that Jared turned the big 2-6! I got him a game with a million rules that makes no sense to me and that I will probably never learn how to play, so a perfect gift.


My time at home ended with a family picnic at the house, which was a perfect send off to make my way back to Ghana.


Only this time my brother, Harrison, accompanied me! Read the next blog to hear what he thought about the third world.


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