No Moles on the Mole Safari

My dad has been in town for the past week! Pim and I met in Tamale and started our trip with a visit to Mole (mole-lay) National Park.  We hadn’t planned on going on a safari the first day, but the animals had other plans. Warthogs grazed in front of our room while baboons lounged by the pool, stealing beer and biscuits off of the tables at their own leisure.


The next morning we went on a walking tour of the park, which involved hiking down to the watering hole near the hotel.  I promptly informed our ranger that I had to see elephants on our hike.  He promised we would, and five minutes later we stumbled upon a gang of six enjoying a feast of leaves!


We were actually extremely close to them, and we were luckier than many other groups who did not get to see any elephants at all.

Leahy & Babar

In the afternoon we took a driving safari and spotted some antelopes, monkeys, and exotic birds.  Our ranger was very knowledgable and had a sharp eye, so he was able to point out things we never would have seen otherwise.  The only downside was that during one photo op we opened a window and let in about 15 biting flies, which then began attacking us. I still say it was worth the pictures…


After Mole, we traveled (in luxury by private car) to Eremon, where we spent the next few days teaching classes, greeting chiefs, and wrapping up the latrine project (170 completed latrines)!!


Eremon Chiefs

We finally traveled down to Accra using public transportation (to my dad’s dismay), dramatic Ghanaian TV series blasting and all. I slept like a baby on the bus.



We ended our trip with a some souvenir shopping and a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner at a posh Japanese restaurant. It was a whirlwind of a week, but totally worth it!  Special thanks to Jacob 😉


One thought on “No Moles on the Mole Safari

  1. Ciao bella, I’m soooo happy for you that your project is READY before you go home, great job!!! But I’m soooooo not happy that you see the elephants so close, ggggrrrrrr
    Good luck at your last weeks and see you soon in the BIG APPLE

    love Yvonne, also from Jacob ofcourse

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